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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Meet Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin and Kevin.  
Thirteen chirping, poopin, wicked cute chicks that are now part of our family.  I know this because all three kids were in tears tonight over the lone Barred Rock chick who will surprise us if he's alive in the morning.  I know this because their empathy was so real I nearly agreed to breastfeed the thing to give him a boost.  I know this because I have promised them that they may sleep with the chicks tomorrow night if they will please just go to sleep tonight so they aren't wreckage tomorrow morning. And the longer I sit here listening to them chirp the more I'm falling for them and their funny antics and the fact that they are motherless and that I have maternal instinct coming out of my ears.  This could be a problem.


  1. Oh dear, now we will definitely have to make a day-trip out to the Vos Family Farms so that my girls can love up on those chicks. Of course then somehow I will probably be suckered into getting them their own chicks for Easter~ and Lord knows I already have enough poop and 'peeping' in my life right now.

    Mayber we'll wait a few weeks...;)

  2. Ohh I love the "kevins" and can't wait to meet them! And, Meg, I am proud of you for holding back that beautiful maternal instinct of yours and refraining from nursing the chicks :).

  3. So glad you've joined the chicken craze. Now you too can find a note like the one left for me three nights ago. We were on a rare date night and when I got home this is what was next to my bed. "mom there is five ciks with poop buts and bad ones. Love Lilly"