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Monday, April 5, 2010


I tried unsuccessfully to upload some video I shot of the Kevins as we found them this afternoon upon returning from the zoo.  Words can't really do it justice.  We'd recognized for a couple days that they were quickly outgrowing their brooding box and needed to move to the garage to a larger one, however, today clinched the deal.  We opened our door to find ten Kevins running around the back hall (which was mercifully shut off from the rest of the house), with crap all over the place.  All over.  Three Kevins were missing but were eventually located in and behind the recycling bin.  And although Chickens: The Essential Poultry Publication swayed me into thinking escape was unlikely, it indeed is.  So, an hour later, after having to scrape chick poo off the floor with my cooktop scraper and then scrub the floor with a scour pad and lysol, we have the cleanest, chick free back hall.  And the Kevins?  They're out in the garage in time out, taking some time to think about what they did.  We're having chicken nuggets for dinner tomorrow.  Little ones.

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  1. My Dear Meggie,
    Praise the Lord you turned out to be the best mother in the world! Chickens are a temporary thing, but being a great mom is permanent! Love your family Soooo much!
    Mom Vos