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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So I was just nursing Lucy again (this time for me) and thinking about what I'd just posted and about God and praying for Micah and stuff and I felt this strong impression to lay it all out.  My convo with God went like this, "Just do it God.  You just bring that child to my door and see if I don't welcome him/her in with open arms and kill the fatted calf, or at least put a nice beef roast on (ok, so I realize I'm challenging God.  GOD.).  Cause God you know my heart and you know how crazy it makes me feel to think of a kid without a mom.  And even though Dan may very well kill me for praying this because, seriously we already have more than we can safely handle, bring it on."  I know this prayer is unconventional, and that we live in Ada so the likelihood that a kid'll come knocking on our door looking for a family is slim at best, but there it is.  And now I'm off to bed for one last precious hour of sleep, but I'm going believing that somewhere out there is a kid named Micah, and he/she is looking for a family and we may or may not be that family, but we are called to pray.  So that's what I'm doing because I fail at so many things, but I don't want to fail at this admonishment from the Bible because if it's precious to Jesus then it has to be precious to me.  So this is me.  Being real.  And heading to bed.  And praying for someone named Micah.

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