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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The warmest day yet, nearly 75 balmy degrees, and we took full advantage of it, basking, swimming, souveniring.  Lucy's curls get tighter and more riotous by the hour, leaving us with an eyeful of bouncing spirals as she runs: away from us, toward precariously balanced displays, into danger.  Curls.  Tess got her first pair of Havaianas, much to my delight, pink, pearly ones that make her feel all grown up.  And everyone picked out their souvenir.  But only after Tess and Peter melted down in the toy store, chagrined at not being able to get Legos or a Barbie mermaid (a policy we later revoked on account of Tess asking in possibly the sweetest way for the mermaid she's apparently wanted her whole life).  Embarrassed and utterly ashamed, we dragged them to the car with threats we couldn't possibly see through.  Threats that involved leaving the island and/or keeping them out of the pool all afternoon.  Instead, we drove to another store and left them outside the door while we went in a bought Grant a souvenir as our thanks for being the only one who hadn't thrown a fit at the last store.  They watched, shame faced through the open door as he was handed his bag, then asked our forgiveness, which we gave of course.  After a penitent afternoon with no one asking if we can go get a souvenir now, please?, we did.  And so tonight we're tucking four tired kids into beds with their new souvenirs and happy smiles and heading there ourselves.  Can't wait.

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  1. Meg, thanks for your posts. It all sounds wonderful!!! Enjoy that sun and warmth, because neither is here. :0) Love and hugs - Joyce