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Thursday, January 27, 2011


After a night of helping two of my four kids make it to the bowl on time, we spent a lazy morning doing more of the same.  The fever that came on so suddenly in Tess left just as quickly, but Peter nearly always takes longer to recover.  He's still throwing up and hot.  And with our vacation running out and the list of things we wanted to do here still largely unchecked, we find ourselves wistfully wishing we'd not left it all for the end.  But c'est la vie.  Even if we don't do anything else for the rest of our time here, we'll still leave completely satisfied that we spent precious time with family.  And if the last few months has taught us nothing else, we've learned that putting our to-do lists aside and just being with family is precious.  Very much so.  And so is listening to Tessie's ever growing list that begins with, "The fing I like most about Fworida is...", and watching Grant head off to the tennis court for the third time today and seeing Lulu's curls get even tighter so that I can watching it twine around my little finger and become lost in it's soft springiness, and watching Dan's beard get longer and longer as he shrugs off all the weight of keeping us and his work afloat at home, the length of his stubble a testiment to how relaxed he is.  And even snuggling with Peter on the couch, putting my cool fingers on his hot forehead.  Those things are precious too.  Very much so.

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