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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


There are these people I love (you know who you are) who were asked by the Holy Spirit to move downtown and minister to the people on the west side.  And they did it.  Them and their four kids, now five kids, moved there and began a house of prayer that is linked in my sidebar.  It's called the Stockbridge Boiler Room and if you ever are driving around the west side on a Wednesday night and you want to catch a glimpse of the kingdom of heaven, go there.  Because you'll see homeless people and addicts and business men and families gathered together at a love feast that feeds souls and bodies.  And afterward, if you want, you can stay and worship because that's what they do afterward.  Worship.  We've been there before and need to go more often because it's a glimpse and sometimes (often) that's what we need.
These people (you still know who you are) are flat busted broke.  On account of spending all of themselves on behalf of the least of these and on account of the fact that no showed up to provide dinner for the love feast tonight and they had to buy pizza because there were all these people and they were expecting food.  Had come to get a hot meal.  So they provided it.  Loaves and fishes.  Out of their small small coffers.  That are now empty.  So if you want to share a hot meal with the people Jesus would be hanging out with if he was still on earth, go to the Stockbridge Boiler Room on Wednesdays.  And if you are able and willing, would you please consider giving to the ministry, so that this wonderful work of expanding the kingdom can go on?  There are instructions for that on their website, which is really, really worth visiting.