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Sunday, January 30, 2011


As it happens, the loveliest day of our vacation turned out to be the one in which we had to come home.  Sunny and 70, it was the kind of weather people travel to Florida for.  The kind of weather we traveled to Florida for.  And we were so thankful for it.  Partook in all those fun last-day-of-vacation rituals, like wondering if you really need that pair of shoes anymore since you're pretty sure they are going to throw your suitcase over the fifty pound limit and feeding the kids whatever is left in your fridge just so it doesn't go to waste.  We did those things and more and at the end of a delicious day, still dragged ourselves to the airport and came home, even though none of us wanted to and no one less than my sister who has to move on Tuesday, but could forget about that as long as she was in Florida.  We said goodbye to all our favorite places and promised we'd be back as soon as we could.  Sooner, even, if we can.
And in the end it was our memories that kept us warm on the flight to the frozen north, Peter sick as ever next to me.  I joined all the college kids at Meijers, restocking our fridge and pantry in the middle of the night so I wouldn't have to do it today.  Which panned out well since we spent a lovely, lazy day in our warm nummies, looking at pictures of our trip (which are decidedly lacking in quantity, I must admit) and reading and moving Lucy into her new big bed.  Tess fell sick this afternoon and Peter's coughing sounds like an entire Tuberculosis ward contained in one little boy and with a major snow storm forecasted for Tuesday, I'm especially thankful we can hunker down and weather it out with a full pantry and a new appreciation for the beauty of a snow covered landscape.  Florida is great, but we love Michigan, with all it's seasons and weather quirks and fresh water lakes.  But we'll go wherever our family is, because that is home.

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