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Thursday, January 27, 2011


While the dads once again took off with the kids, this time to the Naples Zoo, the moms and a couple stray children stayed behind to hang out and soak up a little sun.  Unfortunately, Peter is still so sick, so my day was spent snuggling him on the couch and reading.  Speaking of which, if you haven't read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, head to Costco where it's cheapest and get your hands on a copy.  It's the true story of Louie Zamberini and his fight for survival after his bomber crashed into the ocean during WWII.  If you're not a fan of non-fiction, let this be the book that breaks you out of your genre comfort zone.  My dad passed it along to me a couple of days ago and I've had my nose in it ever since.  And while I'm praying hard for complete healing for Peter during the night so he can enjoy his last day here tomorrow, I'm selfishly so thankful for a few blessed hours this morning in which to lose myself in history and well placed words.  And since the zoo visitors got to see poisonous snakes up close and personal and watch some crazy zoo-keeper man feed a chicken to an alligator, we're all happy.  Until I think that tomorrow I have to say goodbye to my sister and watch her fly off back to Norway.  Then I'm a little sad and wistful.  But I'm still happy.

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