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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


How appropriate the the new year came in covered in snow, slowly at first, but soon blanketed in white.  I lay in bed Sunday night with the boys watching the snow falling outside their window and dreaming dreams of what the year might hold.  And I'm sure I don't even sort of have it right.  Sure that what I dreamt will be totally different than what God will write.  It always is.  But I'm so thankful that it always starts with a clean slate, a covering of grace that saturates the yuck and makes all new.
There will be a day when I sit in a quiet moment with a cup on hot mint tea in my new Anthro mug and think about what the past year has wrought in my life, but it isn't today.  Today I'm cleaning the house from top to bottom, replacing Christmas with Valentines and welcoming in the new.  And every few minutes I'm breathing a prayer to Jehovah Rafa to heal this boy who is in surgery right now.  And as I type I'm asking for blankets of clean and grace to cover you as you begin this new year.  Happy 2012, friend.
This is me being real.  Undeserving of a new start.  So thankful for a God who gives unabashedly more than I deserve.


  1. i don't remember how i found your email address in order to invite you to pinterest. but i can't find it again now. so i'm just popping in here, having just caught up on about 5 of your blog entries that never cease to delight me, to say thank you so very much for the loans of all the ADORABLE baby clothes. it feels like christmas again to think of dressing my sweet girl in all these pretty things in the coming months. i appreciate it so very much, and promise to care for them well and return them all to you in very good shape in case you want to keep them for your children's children. :)

  2. The only thing I ever want from the clothes my kids have outgrown is to know that they are keeping someone else warm (except for that phase I went through when I thought I needed to consign everything and earn money. That's over now). So glad you can use them and Hazel can wear them and I can think of that sweet sweet girl in them and smile.

  3. oh, megan, your loose hold on things is inspiring, and i imagine pretty freeing for you, too. :) thank you so much.