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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I could have stayed there forever.  That's the trick of vacation, isn't it?  The leaving to go and then the leaving to come home.  Never feels like there is enough staying.  Only leaving.  But those four days were a gift and I'm counting them today.

There was ice skating and waterparking and magic carpeting and lots of Garrett's Popcorn and hot cocoa to come home to.  I took exactly one picture of Grant.  We only caught glimpses of him through the trees as he rocketed down the mountain with his brother.  A blue plaid blur of independence and daring.  They thought they had arrived.  Which has nicely persuaded me to never take them out west and forever ruin Michigan skiing for us all.

This is me being real.  And wishing I looked that cute in a bathing suit.  And hoping that if Tess ever gets Cancer she won't remember that we let her eat Superman ice cream, which is surely how it starts.

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