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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Have you ever seen such a yummy face?  If you have your own children then you are obligated to say yes, but  seriously.  He just got these glasses.  Is very self-conscious about them, which is why I'm going to shadow him all day and push any kid who dares call him four eyes.  I'll do it.  But he also loves them.  Peers at himself in the mirror every time he walks by, then does this chew on his lip thing so he doesn't smile, which my mom will say I do too, and then swoops his hair all over to the left side and winks.  It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.  I want to drizzle him in syrup and eat him with a spoon (and yes, mom, I'll share with you).
Dan and I have taken to wearing our glasses nearly all the time in a show of solidarity for our boy and because with six of us now wearing glasses and in the absence of vision insurance, we want to be sure and get our money's worth.  We look good.  But we'll readily admit that we can't hold a candle to this kid.  He takes the cake.
This is me being real.  Me and four kids and 20 eyes and 21 Kevins and Keloid scar named Steve.

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  1. such a handsome dude! I love that he checks himself out in the mirror :)
    (thankfully they now seem to make kid glasses better than when we were kids. I broke mine bi-monthly. Glasses ducted taped together = not cute.)