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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Oh my stars.  Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is winning out over Kids Food Basket now.  Seriously.  Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is edging out putting dinner in the hands of hungry kids.  This just can't be.  Please say it isn't so.  Please, people, use that new Facebook button I labored over and get the word out that if we miss on this, then we have pretty accurately taken the moral temperature of our city and it's low.  And it's way, way off from the heart of Jesus, which has a special spot for kids and who has called us to care for the poor and to feed the hungry.  And the last time I checked, dogs and parks were not even in the mission manifesto.  Go vote again.  Go tell your people to kick dogs and parks to the curb and take a stand in the interest of feeding kids.
This is me being real.  Incredulous.  And having nothing against dogs and parks, but seriously.

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